Sunpeach cherry tomatoes: 400 grams
Garlic: 1 clove
Sprigs of rosemary: 3-4
Extra virgin olive oil. q.s.
Salt to taste.
Black pepper to taste


This recipe allows you to easily make a healthy, light and tasty side dish in just a few minutes.

1. On a cutting board, finely chop the rosemary needles with the peeled garlic and salt and set aside.

2. Wash the cherry tomatoes, dry them with a kitchen towel and cut them in half.

3. Heat a large non-stick pan greased with a drizzle of oil and arrange the half cherry tomatoes with the cut side facing down.

4. Leave them in this position over a very high flame until they are just “caramelized”. At this point, turn them with the help of a fork, season with more oil and the prepared aromatic mince.

5. Continue cooking for a few minutes until they are completely softened, then serve the tasty tomatoes in a pan hot or cold.