Oishii Nippon

The project

The Oishii Nippon Project was launched by Tokita, a vegetable seed company with its hundred years of experience in the agricultural industry with the goal to spread the Japan’s Washoku culture all over the world, offering a healthy approach to the selection, preparation and consumption of these unique vegetables.

For more than 1000 years, the Washoku culture has represented the traditional Japanese culinary style based on the goodness and seasonality of the raw materials that are cut and served on the dish with such wisdom to become real works of art.

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The Respect for the Earth


The Oishii Nippon Project aims to respect the environment and enhance unique and particular flavors.
Nowadays we want to feel part of a conscious use of fruit and vegetable, allies of a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.
Before being shipped and used by the final customer, the seed is tested in the field for several years and subjected to a strict quality control. Our task is to introduce and to promote in Europe the best Japanese vegetables, with the aim to let you find them in the soon.
Our most important goal is to bring a 100% Italian product to your tables, enriching our offer with concepts that come from an overseas culture.

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