Shishimai® is similar to the Italian friggitelli, small sweet green chili pepper to eat in one bite. They are the ideal side dish for meat-based recipes and in Japan they are an indispensable ingredient for fried foods (Tempura) and Yakitori (delicious chicken skewers).

How it is grown


“The name shishi (lion in Japanese) derives from the shape of the tip of the pepper which is not pointed as the traditional friggitelli, but resembles a snapdragon.”


They are perfect as snack grilled or stir-fried with a pinch of salt served with a good beer.

Growing tips

After transplanting the plant will bear fruit after 65-75 days. A good trick that allows you to have a better production is the topping of some apexes, this will cause a greater development of the plant and products spread over time.
It loves the heat, the perfect temperatures for flowering oscillate between 22 ° and 30 ° degrees.

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