Zuccurì: 800 grams of pulp
Onion: 1 (100 grams)
Vegetable broth: 1.2 liters
Sage: 2 leaves
Rosemary: 1 sprig
Salt to taste.
Sweet paprika to taste
Extra virgin olive oil: 4 tbsp


1. To prepare the Zuccurì pureed soup, obtain 800 grams of clean pulp (without seeds and internal threads) and cut it into cubes, meanwhile heat the vegetable broth over medium heat.

2. Pour the extra virgin olive oil into a pan, add the finely chopped onion to the knife and let it dry over very low heat together with the sage leaves and rosemary. Remove the rosemary and add the pumpkin pulp and vegetable broth to the pot, until it is completely covered.

3. Cook for 30 minutes, and when the pumpkin is tender, remove some broth from the pan (keep it aside), then blend everything with an immersion blender.

4. Add salt and a pinch of sweet paprika; blend everything one last time and then plate your cream. Your cream is ready to be enjoyed.