The original Fioretto but dressed in purple. A variety rich in anthocyanins, sweet, colorful and attractive. It respects all the peculiarities of the white, such as the absence of the typical bad smell of cauliflower during cooking and the ease of digestion.

How it is grown


The term Murasaki in Japanese, among other meanings, can refer to the purple gronwell plant (Lithospermum erythrorhizon), the roots of which were historically used to produce a purple dye in Japan.


A drop of oil and a quick sauté in the pan and it’s ready to be enjoyed.

Growing tips

It is important to use a draining soil to avoid the risk of water stagnation.
Fioretto® requires an average temperature of no less than 15 degrees for correct development, therefore the autumn-winter period is not the best time for growing except in the southern territories.

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