How to sow

Direct sowing is the one that best suits this product; the seed must be placed a few centimeters deep and a distance on the close row (20-25cm).
It is important not to overdo it with water in the post-sowing period but it is essential that a surface crust does not form in the soil.

How to grow

After germination it is necessary to start a constant irrigation program, two or three times a week, so that the growth of the root is stimulated and the development of the leaves is promoted.
In order for the aerial part to remain healthy it could be useful to cover the plants with a white cloth avoiding any parasitic attack.
Also avoid strong irrigation and fertilization in the weeks before the harvest.

When to harvest

The turnips will be ready to harvest when they reach about 5-7cm in diameter.
For a correct harvest it is necessary to uproot the plant from the ground, taking care not to damage the leaves; then remove all traces of soil by washing it carefully.
After removing the peel it will be ready to be enjoyed and munched as you prefer.

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