How to sow

The transplanting is usually recommended for professional productions, with a distance of about 30cm, while in the home garden it is also possible to do direct sowing with a distance of 15-20cm.
About 40-45 days pass from sowing to transplanting.

How to grow

It is very important to avoid the lack of water in the first periods during germination, while it can be stopped later for 8-10 days in order to facilitate the growth of the roots in length and strength.
Then start again with irrigation to improve the size of the head.
From the moment of transplant, the Saku Saku cycle is around 70-75 days.

When to harvest

When the leaves are well enveloped and the head reaches a size of about 30cm, the product can be harvested.
For a correct harvest, cut close to the ground and remove the leaves as desired.