How to sow it

For Negi® it’s preferable to transplant the seedling.

How it is grown

When the plant reaches about 12 cm, trim it by a couple of centimeters to stimulate the growth of the aerial and root parts.
During the growing period press the soil alongside the plants so that with the growth the plant is well supported and does not tend to fall to the ground. The other main reason is to avoid direct exposure of the stem to sunlight to keep it well white.
The plant requires a lot of water but does not need particular types of soil as they prefer a dry and not humid climate, this allows to limit the development of diseases.

When it is collected

The harvest should take place when the plant has reached between 25 and 40 centimeters, depending on the preferred result.
The perfect moment of harvest provides a texture and a very compact structure of the stem.
One nice thing to underline is the good resistance of the crop in the field.